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Sandridge Road Allotment Watch (SRAW) Initiative

In the summer of 2011 the local neighbourhood policing team met with the Sandridge Road Allotment Association (SRAA) to discuss setting up an Allotment Watch. Based on the traditional Neighbourhood Watch model they are becoming increasingly popular.
Many of the activities that would fall under such a scheme are indeed things that many people do without even thinking about it. Reporting unusual behaviour, challenging strangers on site and generally keeping an eye out for one another are all common place on the Sandridge Road site.
However, formalising these activities has its benefits too. Many instances of crime that take place on site either go unnoticed or are not reported, but an Allotment Watch scheme is a tool that makes reporting easier and helps the police to be better informed to beat criminals.
With Home Office funding, the SRAA has offered security marking for tools and installed CCTV under the Allotment Watch initiative.
It is hoped the activity will lead to an increased awareness that crime does happen on site, but that through members working together, actively watching and being vigilant at all times, instances will be reduced. Signage has been installed giving visible evidence that an Allotment Watch scheme is in operation which should be a deterrent to potential vandals and thieves.
Hertfordshire Constabulary actively supports Allotment Watch schemes which, together with police, make Hertfordshire a morehostile environment for criminals and a safe place for all.
Hertfordshire Constabulary has extended the use of a reporting tool available to Neighbourhood Watch schemes to the Sandridge Road Allotment Watch. This tool is known as OWL the Online Watch Link. The OWL portal allows members to keep up to date with crime prevention messages, witness appeals and advice via free messages by phone, text messaging, fax and email.

Further information on OWL from Joy Bird. joy "at symbol" 762790/07909 968779

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