The Association's achievements and activities

Co-ordination with Council Officers

BBQs on the communal plot

Plant sales on the communal plot


Funding for renewal of boundary fencing

Discount on Kings Seeds

Raised beds for wheelchair users
Community raised bed
on the communal plot

A magnificent Association cabin
Community hut
on the communal plot

Funding for the installation of
a toilet in the car park

Many members
Allotment watch
have joined
'Allotment Watch'
Open Day
Open day







Sandridge Road Allotment Association was formed 6 years ago to help protect our allotments.

We are affiliated to the National Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association through which we get good legal advice and access to insurance, as well as cheap vegetable and flower seeds, fruit bushes and sundries (see Kings seeds below)

We have regular communication with the council and the police, (Allotment Watch)

We welcome new members and also offer help and advice to new and current members through our more long standing members. We also pass on our surplus plants through plant sales at least twice a year on the communal plot.

We are eager to encourage young growers, but also help our longest serving members continue to enjoy the benefits of their plot.

We would like to welcome any newcomers to the site and encourage you to get to know your neighbours and other tenants. Association social events help you to do just that.
In previous years we have organised a couple of social barbeques, a regular newsletter, gardeners' question time (in the local pub!), a pruning talk, 2 plant sales a year, open days, and tool security marking days.
Photos from BBQs & children's competition

The communal plots
We have 2 communal plots 83 & 84. The committee and other hard working tenants have constructed a communal cabin for all to use. Please use it to shelter in during rain storms, have a cup of coffee with other tenants, pick up information on what’s going on onsite, read allotment magazines etc. There is a willow tunnel and dome for children to play in and a trading hut being set up as we speak!

The loo
The highlight of 2012 was the arrival of the toilet facility! We were lucky to get a grant for this, but the association (via its members) pays for the upkeep of the portaloo which is serviced weekly during the growing season. Members of the association will be given a key for the padlock.

Plant sales
We will organise a couple of plant sales a year, one with hardy plants and another with tender plants so those of you without greenhouses can buy more tender plants (tomatoes, courgettes ,squashes, beans etc.) We will let you know dates via the newsletter, notice board, black board and website! The second sale will be in mid May so you can get planted up in time to get good early crops once the risk of frost has passed.
Photos from the 27.April.2013 plant sale.

Gardening Talks
Marshalswick Horticultural Society hold some really good talks and SRAA members are invited to attend these at a cost of £2 each. The MHS have also invited our members to enter their Autumn Show, so please keep an eye on the notice board for further details of these events.

Residents of St Albans may apply for a plot through St Albans council,
There are 172 plots on the Sandridge Road site, some full plots, some half. There is a waiting list and new tenants are initially allocated a half plot.

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